2007 Programs – September


In September, Halibut Point is featuring more of its popular standard programs: the Quarry Tour, Reading the Landcape, Tidepools, and one more presentation of Ceremonial Time: The 15,000 Years of Fifty Acres.  Special events for the month include The Atlantic Path, a walk along Rockport’s resplendent public coastline with The Trustees of Reservations interpreter Ramona Latham on September 8th and another Sunday Sounds concert on September 16th with an encore performance by Livin’ on Luck.  On Sunday the 23rd, Halibut Point will host another Birding for Beginners with Peter Van Demark.  And on  September 29th, the park will present The Military History of Halibut Point, an event to honor those who have served and featuring the debut of a new interpretive display inside the Visitors Center.  This event, the culmination of three years research and including contributions from the DCR, Friends of Halibut Point, Coast Defense Study Group, Sandy Bay Historical Society, MIT, Lincoln Lab, the US Army Center for Military History, MITRE, the US Navy Historical Center, the Computer History Museum and others promises to be a special day at the park and all are invited.  See below for September’s schedule.  If you want to download a flyer with September’s calendar of programs dates and times, just click here.

Quarry Tour                                                   Saturdays  10:00am  

Attend our weekly granite walk around the former Babson Farm Quarry.  Beginning with the showing of a short film, this program features a stone-cutting demonstration, explains how rock is quarried, details the unique geology of Cape Ann and presents the history of building with natural stone in America.  Later, the Visitors Center will be open for a climb to its five-story World War II observation tower.  This program lasts approximately 90 minutes and entails a one mile moderately paced stroll around the quarry.  The Babson Farm Quarry, in operation from the 1840’s until 1929 (though stone was cut at the site from the 1790’s, perhaps even earlier), is an excellent place to view evidence of progression in stone-cutting techniques and learn about the role stone harvesting, transporation and building played in the development of technology that led to the Industrial Revolution. 

Reading the Landscape                                  Sundays  11:00am

This program is an examination of the natural history of a landscape.  Using the life and land of Halibut Point as an example, participants will learn how to read the clues that determine palnt and tree composition as well as the topographic, substrate and social factors that shape a landscape.  This program meets at the Visitors Center and entails about two miles of walking over 1 1/2 to 2 hours. 

Tidepools                     September 3 @ 11:00am; September 22 @ 2:00pm

Halibut Point has wonderful tidepools.  Come explore its intertidal life and learn about coastal splash zones.  This program lasts about 90 minutes and there is some climbing about on rocks that may be slippery.  You need to watch your step, but the trip os worth it!


Ceremonial Time: The Fifteen Thousand Years of Fifty Acres             

Wednesday, September 5th                                        6:00pm

A “psychological” history and the “spirit” – past, present and possible future of a place gleaned via history, anthropology, architecture, geology, intuition and more.  Inspired by John Hanson Mitchell’s book. 

The Atlantic Path                                Saturday, September 8th  1:00pm

A walk along Rockport’s resplendent public coastline from Halibut Point to the Emerson Inn – and back.  Featuring extraordinary geology, tidepools and birding, this two-hour trek entails negotiating some challenging terrain.  Sponsored by the DCR and The Trustees of Reservations.

Sunday Sounds            Livin’ on Luck            September 16     3:00pm

An encore concert by Livin’ on Luck, featuring their traditional, country and classic rock sounds in an inventive “unplugged” style.  Brought to you by the DCR and Friends of Halibut Point.

 Birding for Beginners                           Sunday, September 23     8:00am

Meet Peter Van Demark in the parking lot.  In August, Peter reported seeing: chickadees, catbirds, cliff swallows, herring and great black-backed gulls, common eiders, goldfinches, house wrens, double-breasted cormorants and a pheasant.  September should bring some interesting sights as birds begin their movement along the coastal migratory path.

The Military History of Halibut Point    Saturday, September 29   1:00pm

With contributions from the DCR, Friends of Halibut Point, the Coast Defense Study Group, Sandy Bay Historical Society, MIT, Lincoln Lab, the US Army Center for Military History, MITRE, the US Naval Historical Center and others, this program, a thank you to all those who have served,  features the debut of the park’s new interpretive display inside the Visitors Center.



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