Coming Events – October 2009

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In October, Halibut Point State Park is offering standard programming along with one very special event.   The park has its Saturday morning Quarry Tour scheduled at 10:00am thru October 24th and Halibut Point’s Tower Tour will take place on Sundays at 12:00pm thru October 18th.  The DCR Universal Access Team is sponsoring a Universal Access Hike at at park on Friday, October 2nd at 11:00am and Peter Van Demark will again host Birding for Beginnerson Sunday morning, October 18th – meet him in the parking lot at 8:00am.  And as always, DCR programs are FREE, including this special event detailed below:

The Cape Ann Ice Age Trail

Did you know the pattern of recent Ice Ages is the defining event on Earth over the past several million years?  Do you know what defines and causes an Ice Age?  That the most recent Ice Age is likely the cause of the rise of the modern human species?  That until 12,000 years ago North America was the greatest land of predatory creatures since the Jurassic era? Or that the entire New England region was under a mile of ice that recently?  Cape Ann is one of the most significant geological areas in America and one of the best places to see and know the last Ice Age up close in front of you and on Saturday, October 11th and Sunday, October 12th the DCR and Trustees of Reservations are combining to provide The Cape Ann Ice Age Trail.  This two day special program will be hosted at the DCR’s Halibut Point State Park on October 11th and at the Trustees Ravenswood Park in Gloucester on October 12th.  Both programs get underway at 2:00pm.  For a flyer you can download with October’s Halibut Point programs and events, click here.


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